Our Staff

Aislinn Biladeau


Aislinn works as a Maintenance Coordinator with CW Sparks. This position is one of the most vital jobs in the property management system, and Aislinn performs it well.

Aislinn is a native of Michigan, and has over 9 years of experience in sales, marketing, and residential real estate management. Aislinn is a licensed Texas Realtor, and has worked as a business manager, team manager, and transaction coordinator for brokers and agents with Keller Williams and Ebby Halliday.

Aislinn holds a Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Management from the University of North Texas in Denton.


Phone: 214-948-3192

Email: Aislinn@cwsparks.com

Becky Rhodes


Becky Rhodes has over 15 years experience providing bookkeeping services for small businesses. She began her bookkeeping career while working for a bank in Lufkin, Texas where she was born and raised. She relocated to Dallas in 2004 for greater economic opportunities…which she found!  Becky is a client favorite, and is known around the office for her even temper and calm demeanor.

When Becky’s not coordinating a multitude of office tasks and crunching numbers as a bookkeeper, you can probably find her quilting, fact finding, shopping, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and dogs.


Phone: 214-206-3881

Email: becky@cwsparks.com

Website: cwsparks.com

Belinda Alvarado

Broker/Quality Control

Belinda is an absolute property management tour-de-force.  Direct, honest, with exceptional attention to detail – she’s loved and trusted by clients and customers alike.  She has performed every task and in every position throughout her 25+ year career with CW Sparks Management, often handling multiple roles simultaneously.  With all of her experience and dedication, it’s no wonder that she is an exceptional company Controller.  Belinda has a true love for helping people, and is always understanding, but firm.

In her free time Belinda enjoys cooking and spending time with her family, kids and grandkids.


Phone: 214-948-3192

Email: Belinda@cwsparks.com

Donald Peppers

Realtor/Property Manager

Donald moved to Dallas in the fall of 1998 and attended Collin County Community College in Plano to obtain his real estate license.  He started his career in real estate in the summer of 1999, by serving both in the single and multi-family property management industry.  Donald is also an accomplished sales agent, and guides buyers and sellers through difficult sales transactions to make deals happen.  With over 17 years of experience, Donald’s an expert at both management and sales.

Donald is an avid philanthropist, and inspires everyone he meets.  He lives by this motto: “Remember to help those that have less than you”.  Thanks Donald!


Phone: 214-206-3888

Email: donald@cwsparks.com

Jackie Soliz

Property Manager

Jackie Soliz is the newest Property Manager to join the CW Sparks team. Jackie’s previous experience with a Market Research Facility is where she gained valuable knowledge and insight in advertising as well as analyzing market data/trends.

She began working as an escrow assistant where she mastered the art of closing real estate contracts, and discovered her passion for real estate. Soon after she became a licensed real estate agent and has worked as a property manager since 2014. Jackie has experience managing a large portfolio with both single and multi family dwellings. Jackie’s main goal is to maximize profits and minimize expenses, while retaining long term happy tenants.

In her free time Jackie enjoy’s spending time with her children and her husband. You can find them on the soccer field, nature trailing/hiking or enjoying the outdoors.


Phone: 214-948-3192

Email: Jackie@cwsparks.com

Jane Inez

Showings Coordinator

Jane works as a showings coordinator and customer service rep at CW Sparks. Jane has worked and excelled in the customer service field for many years, including working as a team lead and coach for a large number of agents under her supervision. Some large companies that Jane can boast about on her resume include Barclays, HSBC, American Express, and Expedia. Jane is great at multi-tasking, and she’s got an eye for details.

Jane is a wife and mom of 2 incredible kids, and in her spare time she likes to garden, cross stitch, and bake!


Phone: 214-948-3192

Email: Jane@cwsparks.com

Jennifer Parker

Business Development

Jennifer is a people person, and loves to help!  She’s also a mom of 3 kids, a fisherwoman, and a fantastic baker!

At CW Sparks, Jennifer works as a licensed Realtor, and a residential leasing and property management expert!  She currently serves as the maintenance coordinator for CW Sparks while managing a small portfolio of homes.  She has worked in the real estate industry for over 6 years, starting as an application processor and working up to assistant property manager at one of the largest real estate brokerages in the world.  Jennifer is always seeking to improve her knowledge base, and is currently studying and working towards her broker’s license.

Give Jennifer a call today if you’re looking to lease, buy, or sell – she always goes the extra mile for her clients!


Phone: 214-948-3192

Email: Jennifer@cwsparks.com

Miguel Ramirez

Assistant Bookkeeper

Miguel is a rare jack-of-all-trades, master-of-all-trades.  Miguel joined CW Sparks in January of 2013. He works mainly as a customer support representative, a showings coordinator, and performs additional minor functions in accounting, maintenance and reports.

Miguel has worked in the BPO industry since 2006 providing technical support for customers of communications and ISP giants Alltel, Verizon, Cincinnati Bell and Comcast, and now excellent customer service for CW Sparks.

He is a U.S. navy vet who served in the Iran-Iraq War.

He was also a croupier for a state-run casino for ten years and a trivia master long before Google.  In fact, Miguel has actually been a contestant and WON renowned game shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Weakest Link, Wheel of Fortune, and more. Miguel is a creative and technical writer well versed in legal, medical and other subjects; he is a poet, composer, a classical and pop singer and a guitar player.


Phone: 214-948-3192

Email: Miguel@cwsparks.com

Sheryl Ramientas

Property Manager Assistant

Sheryl is a wife, a mom of 2 beautiful kids, and a property management superstar!  Sheryl is an assistant property manager, and she performs more multitasking and coordination than most supercomputers!  In addition to her activities as an assistant property manager, Sheryl manages all of CW Sparks’ BPO tasks and contractors.  This girl doesn’t sleep much!

Sheryl began working for CW Sparks Management in 2012. Prior to this, she worked in a number of different call centers as a customer service representative for large companies including Sprint, American Express, T-Mobile, Sirius XM and Telstra. She has in-depth knowledge of marketing and office administration.

Sheryl has a great sense of humor, and in her spare time she enjoys reading fiction, playing a MOBA game, and baking over-the-top toothache-inducing confections.


Phone: 214-206-3882

Email: Sheryl@cwsparks.com