Miguel Ramirez

Assistant Bookkeeper

Miguel is a rare jack-of-all-trades, master-of-all-trades.  Miguel joined CW Sparks in January of 2013. He works mainly as a customer support representative, a showings coordinator, and performs additional minor functions in accounting, maintenance and reports.

Miguel has worked in the BPO industry since 2006 providing technical support for customers of communications and ISP giants Alltel, Verizon, Cincinnati Bell and Comcast, and now excellent customer service for CW Sparks.

He is a U.S. navy vet who served in the Iran-Iraq War.

He was also a croupier for a state-run casino for ten years and a trivia master long before Google.  In fact, Miguel has actually been a contestant and WON renowned game shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Weakest Link, Wheel of Fortune, and more. Miguel is a creative and technical writer well versed in legal, medical and other subjects; he is a poet, composer, a classical and pop singer and a guitar player.


Phone: 214-948-3192

Email: Miguel@cwsparks.com